Madam Haliza Binte Hassan

Mdm Haliza, 45, is a determined mother of five whose family first joined AFYS in 2007. At that time, she was most concerned about her children’s socio-educational needs. Her husband was working as a driver with low income, which became a challenge in supporting their big family. Her husband was running a small-scale satay business with his friend to supplement their household income.

Upon her husband’s retrenchment in 2009, both Mdm Haliza and her husband decided to fully concentrate on their satay business. Her husband’s friend had withdrawn from their venture and when their supplier left, they had to start making their own satay. Mdm Haliza also took in orders for frozen curry puffs, spring rolls and cakes to supplement their income, up till today. Her husband, on the other hand, does ad-hoc delivery jobs to provide additional income to the family.

Due to her keen interest in the food business, Mdm Haliza enrolled into AMP’s Micro Business Programme in 2010, where she picked up skills on cake-making. Her persistence and hard work were amply rewarded when she was awarded with the AMP Capital Grant, which is given out to selected participants who have a viable and sustainable business model. As running a business is never a smooth-sailing journey, one of their challenges was getting heavy-duty equipment for their satay business.

Mdm Haliza and her husband plan to use the $1,000 capital grant she received to buy the necessary equipment to further improve their business. The equipment will definitely benefit them as more satay can be produced as compared to when Mdm Haliza and her husband manually manufactured them in hope that they are will be able to expand their business in the future. Mdm Haliza is an example of how hard work, persistence and determination can allow one to succeed life regardless of any financial background.